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JD Williams

When we were looking to enter the commercial storefront market, we knew we needed guidance. We were fortunate to get connected with J.D. Williams, president of Aluminum Fronts, LLC. He is an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience in product development, testing, and integrating new products into the production process complete with fabrication tooling designs. He has an extensive background in executive management, product manufacturing, aluminum extrusion and finishing processes. JD brought his expertise and know-how to Cardinal and designed his best storefront system yet.

Here's some of the lessons he's learned over the years, and what to watch out for when considering another vendor.

Don’t trust “Blind Seals” promoted by other companies

Some companies design their sill and subsill flashing for a “blind seal” installation. Installers are instructed to drill anchor holes through the sill and subsill flashing; squirt sealant into a dark void, apply sealant to anchor screws and then install the screws. There are two major problems with this type installation. First, you can’t remove the debris from the drilling operation which increases the risk for water penetration when you apply the “blind seal”. Secondly, you cannot visually inspect the sealant to see if you have a good seal.  The Cardinal Commercial Products design eliminates “blind seals” and allows for a visual inspection of the cap sealed fasteners prior to installing the framing panels.

Don’t trust pre-caulked joints on shop assembled framing panels

Field experience has shown if you are shop and using caulking to seal butt joints and then immediately truck them to the job site, chances are that the rocking and jostling during the delivery process can cause these seals to fail. Cardinal Commercial Products recommends using a special double-side joint tape for joint connections. The joint tape seals are generally unaffected by transporting the frame panels to the job site, and provide the best joint seal against water and air infiltration.

Watch out for sill flashing with a short upright interior leg

All storefront systems should have a subsill flashing underneath the framing panels. Some of our competitors use a subsill flashing where the upright interior leg is only 1/2" to 3/4".  Historical field experience and actual product water testing has proven these low profile subsill flashings to be unacceptable. Wind driven rain penetration and differential pressure can allow water to overwhelm the framing system and the water will flow over the short interior leg of the subsill.  The interior leg of our subsill flashing is full height of the sill section (1- 3/4” or 2”) helping to keep the wind driven rain on the exterior of the building where it belongs!

These are just a few of the refinements JD made when designing our storefront and entrance door systems. Give us a call to see how we can provide you with your best system yet.

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